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As Christmas approaches we just wanted to say thank you. It’s been one hell of a year, and we are amazed of what came up as we tried our luck with putting out these records.
Thanks to all the artists, agents and promoters we met here and there this year, who supported the releases and helped the artists one way or the other.
Thanks to Syncrophone distribution for helping our records get out and get to the right ears.
Thanks to you guys who came down to gloomy Paris to make some noise : Oneohtrix Point Never, Samuel Kerridge, Shifted, Regis, Container, Untold, J.Tijn, Perc, Andy Stott…
And to the new friends & partners : Honest Jon’s, Elastic Artists, Elite, Kongfuzi, Collectif Mu…
And most of us to all of you guys who checked on us and made it feel worth the sweat.